About The Book


The author quotes freely from her college ethics text, a solid-gold reference for the suitability of human acts to human nature. Truth: The Golden Heresy was written in response to the alarming decline in moral standards, and with the thought that not everyone has learned these things from their families, schools, and religious institutions as they did in times past. Some subjects are listed below:

— Natural Law

— Babies

— Conscience

— Happiness

— Forgiveness

— Logic


In the second work, Writing Class, the author includes some personal stories written for this class, a weekly gathering of writers that gave her the final impetus, skill, and pressure to put long-held ideas down on paper.

Her essays are thought-provoking and relevant, and her style is crisp, clear, and readable.


“This is a very readable, fascinating commentary and reflection on what is happening in the world around us.”     Rev. Ernest Smart,  St. Anderew’s Christian Community


“…finely expressed and deeply crafted.  …. a work to be treasured.”  Barbara Pour, Instructor at Towson State University


“The moral statements are all very strong and important.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have TRUTH required reading for all high school students and in all college ethics classes?”

Joyce Brown, writing teacher, ret., Johns Hopkins University


“I am spritied by your philosophical ideas.  The personal touch is remarkable when you tell of your childhood, what your mother told you.. Your style is comprehensible and good to follow.”  Christian Leipoldt, English teacher, Hoexter, West Germny


“…you did a fabulous job with very complicated issues.”  Emmy Wright, ret. nurse, Johns Hopkins Hospital.


Your brief essays are “insightfull, inforned by intellectual greats and timeless biblical truth.”  Charles Edwards, MD, Orthopedic surgeon, Mercy Hospital


This book “…reflects a keen understanding of the immutable nature of truth …”  John McKiernan, J.D., Assistant Vice President, Loyola University  Maryland


* My favorite:  “Thank you for giving something special to our mankind.”    Kirsten Peter, Bad Homburg, Germany




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